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Annie Deffenderfer
4 months later...

I wrote a review shortly after first using these reins. I still love them, and appreciate how they have helped with the contact. Mare is more accepting, and getting so light in the bridle.

I was worried that I would become too dependent on the training rein. However, I didn't have problems when I rode with regular reins and still maintained the progress I'd made.

Juliana Rodríguez

The reins are excellete

Great but way to short

Absolutely lives them, it really made a difference (no more pain in my fingers). I did add a piece of leather to make them 30 cm longer (mind you, I ride a 1m54 piny and a 1m64 horse so not huge:)

Rider in New Zealand
Great reins

Lovely reins, good quality, easy to use
Made a big difference to my hand position!

Ronie D

I have a VERY hot PRE who only knows "go" and can't abide the notion of "whoa" (or half halts or anything at all in the way of slowing down, stopping, collection, etc). In addition, she's a heavy sweater, so between her grabbing the bit and barreling her way to the speed she prefers, add in the difficulty factor of trying to hang on to the reins when she's dripping with sweat and you have a no win situation. Until Now! Salty sweaty mare, meet the Aaron Vale reins! The first time I tried them, she lost her mare mind, even though I was doing my best to not make her claustrophobic. The second time, I saw a small modicum of what might have been...dare I say it? Respect? Hmmm..... I adore this mare at any speed, but really wanted her to show her collected side vs her race horse side, but to date I had not been able to have a good conversation with "Miss Go". She was definitely Large and In Charge. Now, for the first time ever, we are starting to connect! I think I may be seeing the beginnings of a half halt, maybe even some collection. I've never needed anything like this before and I've had numerous horses, but "Ms Go" had me stumped. I don't like "bitting up", but I was at my wits end. These reins may very well be the start of something beautiful.


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