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Correct Connect Position Reminder SOLD OUT Pre-Order for Estimated Ship Date October, 20, 2022

NEW PRODUCT!!!  Tired of your trainer yelling at you to get your shoulders back?  Our newest product is an adjustable and elastic reminder that takes the place of that old trainer trick of the whip behind your back that is an uncomfortable over-correction.   Put it higher on the arms to work on your shoulders and lower on the arms to work on your elbows. Comfortable without be too restrictive or compressive.  One size fits most.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Scott-Bates
Super Impressed!

My coach is always telling me to close my elbows closer to my waist/sides. Correcting muscle memory formed through a lifetime habit is challenging. Even riding a young horse I felt totally safe with this riding tool that is very comfortable to wear and has helped with the overall connection (seat and hand) through good posture. Every stable should have one. Kindest Amanda Scott-Bates, Blenheim, New Zealand

irene Reed

Correct Connect Position Reminder

Denise Waddle
Correct connect position reminder

The position reminder is a good quality well thought out item. I did find it quite aggravating to wear unless you're actually on the horse. You can't get on the horse or put on his bridle once you are wearing it. It's very difficult to put it on once you're on the horse. That being said if you get all that worked out somehow it actually does a wonderful job of keeping you sitting up with your shoulders back your elbows at your sides without actually restricting you just reminding you

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