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Double Neck Strap


The neck strap reinvented with an extra rolled leather sitting above the neck strap for an easy hold. Fully adjustable.  Comes with 2 straps to for easy attachment to the saddle D Rings to conform to FEI rules.  

At its smallest it is 40" in diameter and 54" at its largest.  Fits most horses and cobs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carole Laulis
Fantastic product! Double neck strap

As an instructor, Para-dressage Coach this is an invaluable tool to assist new & experienced riders in hand placement to stay out of the horses way
Not only does it give a rider a way to help with connection & confidence it promotes a safety zone with a spooky horse
Can't say enough I am a true fan of CorrectConnect Company! Great Vaule in pricing and quick to respond to you to answer questions, offering demo videos of the how's & why's to their products
Thank you Mary!

Justine MacDonald
Neck strap

I’m a “ mature” rider with many years in the saddle. However, I now have a very enthusiastic jumper and this helps my confidence a ton!

Sue Evans
I love my Correct Connect neck strap!

I tested out my Correct Connect neck strap today. It's awesome! I wish I had this eight years ago when I started to learn to ride again. It's an awesome tool for lessons, dressage, jumping, cross country and fox hunting! I love that you can order it in brown or black and that the quality is so high. Thank you Correct Connect!

Pauline Clark

Double Neck Strap

marilyn jones
Best neck strap ever!

This is a great product for people who want a little extra security! My issue with regular saddle-connected grab straps is that they put your hands in a very unnatural position close to the pommel. Same thing with grabbing mane -- that leaves me with one hand in a natural position and one hand near the centerline of the horse's neck. This product lets you put the grab handle exactly where you want it by adjusting the strap that goes around the horse's neck. The additional straps that connect to the d-rings on the saddle are an added nice feature. The grab handle itself is wide enough that you can keep your hands on either side of the horse's neck and in a natural position for posting, cantering, jumping, etc. The product itself is extremely well made. Thank you so much for offering this! I've recommended you to my stable owner and other riders where I board!

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