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Unisit Sit Strap System


The Unisit Sit Strap System is an amazing riding tool that is guaranteed to teach riders to sit in unison with their horses. The unique design improves muscle memory and seat development, consequently enhancing the horse's performance. The use of this system will bridge the gap between the description of a correct seat and feeling it by using a non-verbal, kinesthetic approach.

Through muscle memory "imprint" training, the rider will achieve a better seat and ride the horse correctly with open hips, steady legs under the body, a relaxed and supple back, an open upper body, shoulders back with elbows, hands, and head in the correct relaxed position and balance.


• A correct seat, the anchoring center of all communications.
• An open, supple seat versus a perched, stiff seat.
• A seat where the rider is sitting correctly, with the lumbar and inner thigh muscles absorbing the motion of the horse's back.
• Clear and more correct aids by allowing the rider to focus on riding versus sitting.

Training with the Unisit for five to ten minutes each session imprints the correct sitting position onto the rider's muscle memory to be duplicated once the strap is removed. Though the Unisit Sit Strap System is not intended to replace hard work and traditional teaching methods, the Unisit assists trainers and instructors by supplementing the development of proper rider position and feel.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Nehila
Love it

I ride para dressage and this was a game changer for me I love this I have such a better seat now


Great product. Love it.



"Find the Feel"

The tagline of the Unisit 'Find the Feel,' is not just a catchy slogan it's the absolute truth. There is no other riding tool that will put you in the correct position the first time and every time. Riders of all ages and experience levels can benefit from the use of this training tool.

The brilliance of the Unisit is that it uses simple mechanics of the rider's body position and balance to influence the movement of the horse from the hindquarters, over the back, and into the rider's hands. It shines a spotlight on how much the rider's position enhances or interferes what the horse does. I've used it on all different breeds and movers, from Friesians to Warmbloods to Arabians; and the result is always the same: the horse relaxes and moves over its back, and the riders have their "Eureka!" moment - no matter how many times they've used it. To progress in training, it's so important for the rider to know what that feeling is supposed to be like in order to have any hopes of creating it and replicating it. The Unisit, when used correctly, will do that.

Ride Like You Ought
Maximizing the Unisit

I use the unisit on the Racewood dressage simulator at Ride Like You Ought. Because I can use the system 10 times a day, I am learning what all it can do for a rider. It changes a rider’s perception of what their seat should be. It changes the riders shape until it gradually learns to be independently effective. In this regard, it is very quick about making this happen- more effective than all the words in the world, especially because they are stationary in front of a mirror. The rider can see the transformation real-time, happening in front of their eyes.

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