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Unisit Sit Strap System


The Unisit Sit Strap System is an amazing riding tool which is guaranteed to teach riders to sit in unison with their horses. The unique design improves muscle memory and seat development, consequently enhancing the horse's performance. Use of this system will bridge the gap between the description of a correct seat and actually feeling it by using a non-verbal, kinesthetic approach.

Through muscle memory "imprint" training, the rider will achieve a better seat and ride the horse correctly with open hips, steady legs under the body, a relaxed and supple back, an open upper body, shoulders back with elbows, hands and head in the correct relaxed position and in balance.


• A correct seat, the anchoring center of all communications.
• An open, supple seat versus a perched, stiff seat.
• A seat where the rider is sitting correctly, with the lumbar and inner thigh muscles absorbing the motion of the horse's back.
• Clear and more correct aids by allowing the rider to focus on riding versus sitting.

Training with the Unisit for five to ten minutes each session imprints the correct sitting position onto the rider's muscle memory to be duplicated once the strap is removed. Though the Unisit Sit Strap System is not intended to replace hard work and traditional teaching methods, the Unisit assists trainers and instructors by supplementing the development of proper rider position and feel.

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