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Cooper Ambjorn
Great option

I’ve used the same basic polo style breast plate for years but after losing my 25 year old small Anglo Arab, I opted for a big shouldered Hanoverian and my 20+ year old polo plate wasn’t going to fit the new girl. I’ve always abhorred the between the leg breast plates and do not like attaching to the saddle D rings, so was happy to find another option besides the basic polo style.

The leather quality is good & the brown color matches my French saddle well. The L fits my 16.2 Hano, I maybe could have done the M on the longest holes vs the large on the smaller ones; 16.2 seems dead bang in the middle of the fit.

The horse seems very happy and content while going in the free motion breast plate. The cross the neck strap doesn’t wiggle, sitting far enough back as to be visually distinct from a ‘Oh Crap’ jumping strap, which is a plus - you won’t grab the plate by mistake if your horse gets feisty on a gallop or schooling cross country.


Amazing fits my pony project amazingly!

Love this breastplate

The leather is gorgeous and the style is very horse friendly:
- no attachment to the saddle D rings, which could pull the saddle down onto the withers
- no attachment to the girth.
There is a lot of freedom for the horse to move however it needs to for jumping and galloping. My new horse had been using this style and was going very well, so I searched around to find something similar. Very happy to have found this


Fits great on my very tall 17.3 warm blood. Keeps my jump saddle in place without hindering his shoulders.


I just got mine in today and have not ridden in it, but from what I can tell it is made out of a very nice quality leather with good buckles and elastic. If this helps anyone in the sizing department, I got a small for my 16hh tb (narrower shoulders. I have it adjusted as long as it will go from the girth (I have a monoflap) to the ring, then it is a bit tighter around his chest and on the top. Once I ride in it I will make a final decision on whether or not the strap that goes to the girth is long enough or if I need to go for a medium, but as far as I can tell it will work for my horse! There is also extra room on all of the straps to punch holes into if needed.


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