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Double Neck Strap


The neck strap is reinvented with an extra rolled leather sitting above the neck strap for an easy hold that extends up 16". Fully adjustable.  Comes with 2 straps to for easy attachment to the saddle D Rings to conform to FEI rules.

Want a longer grab strap? Check out our add-on to our double neck strap here.  

Double Neck Strap Extra Long Add-On strap – CorrectConnect (

Need a martingale with your double neck strap? Click here 

Running Martingale Add-on for Double Neck Strap – CorrectConnect (

Measure around the horse's neck with measuring tape where you want the neck strap to sit.

At its smallest the full size is 40" (102cm)  in diameter and 50" (127cm) at its largest.  Fits most horses and cobs.  

Pony size measures 31" (79cm) at its smallest and 44" (112cm) at its largest. Fits most large to very small ponies. 

Extra Full measures 50"(127cm) at its smallest and 64" (163cm) at its largest.  Fits large draft-type horses.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Julie Sell
It’s just what I needed!!

I knew the quality would be top-notch as I purchased a bridle from CorrectConnect earlier this year and was so impressed. The double neck strap is the security I needed to feel confident in the saddle avoiding the transfer of anxiety to my horse. It’s easy to access and also to manage with reins if needed. So glad I found CorrectConnect!!

Sharon de Melo
Double Neck Strap

I live in New Zealand not seen anything like it before. The quality of leather and workmanship is brilliant, showing to friends they see what a great piece of saddlery to have. Easy to use, gives you bundles of confidence riding young horses.

Shellie Kwitkowski
Great product

As a very rusty rider on a wonderful but big moving horse, the double neck strap is proving to help my confidence. I use it during my warmup to keep my outside aids quiet and engage my seat to ride. And knowing it is there if my balance becomes shaky or my horse makes a surprising move, helps me to feel confident. Highly recommend for all rusty or returning riders!

Evergreen Amundson

Happy with the quality craftsmanship of this strap. Really helps me feel secure and give my horse a break from my pulling hands.


Leather quality is very good, well made and sturdy. I had a total knee replacement and bought this in case I needed some extra help during learning how to ride again with a new knee. I used it prior to surgery to get a feel for how best to use it, as far as adjusting height etc. I have not been cleared to ride yet but I know when I do this will help me probably mentally more than physically. Basically I know I have a safety handle that isn’t my horses mouth if I lose my balance.

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