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Comfort Connect Rein


Don't forget the gloves!  Save 10% on these reins with glove purchase! 
Approved for USEF/USDF competition.  Not approved for USEF/USEA competition. 

Our most comfortable rein with padding to support your grip!  So easy to hold and easy to adjust with just a little "squish" and more surface area to hold onto for better comfort and a better connection!  Pads are 3 inches long and 1.5 inches apart for easy adjustability.  Very popular with our riders with achy and weak hands! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Laurie Crowl
Love! Love! Love!

I HIGHLY recommend these reins!!!! I ride dressage and my horse (part Irish draft) is very heavy on the forehand. She was very good at getting me to slip my grip on the reins. No more with these reins!!!! As a result, she is sitting behind better, and much easier to keep in frame. Added bonus…I have mild to moderate arthritis in both hands and no longer have to worry about gripping the reins tight to keep them from slipping, hands are VERY happy!!!

Judy Jackson
Love these reins!

These reins are really well cushioned, which my old hands (and recently broken wrist) appreciate. But what I REALLY like is how easy it is to keep the hold I want. My reins don't slip, and I know when my hands are even instead of hoping and guessing. Moreover, I don't need to wear gloves to benefit from these reins. I'm so glad I got them!

Kathleen Barker

Comfort Connect Rein

Wisenberg, Adrienne
Unexpected Benefit!

I bought these reins because I wanted to see if my hands were more comfortable on the bigger fuller stops. What I didn’t realize is that they basically corrected a huge problem in my riding. I was constantly riding with one rein longer than the other, and thus one shoulder in front of the other. When I got these reins, that issue became so much clearer for me, and then I had to correct the shoulder issue when the hands were even. And it really was also a seat issue too. So all because of these reins, I began sitting better…straighter, shoulders even, and hands even on the reins. I’ve been riding for more than 50 years so having a true correction for a nagging problem like this was so thrilling! Thank you Correct Connect!

Karen Martz
Wowza!! My hands are so happy!

I have bad arthritis in both of my hands and would cramp during the cold weather while holding regular reins. I had resorted to using round western split reins to make it work. Still had cramping issues. Well, lo and behold, I found these reins on Facebook and immediately ordered it. Came in two days, and while using it, the heavens opened up and the angels sang! The best reins EVER!!! I will order another one and put it on my other bridle. This should be the standard reins for those who spend long time in the saddles or have been riding for years!!! Thank you!!!

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Correct Connect™ was started with the goal of helping riders improve their connection with their horses. Thousands of riders have seen improvements by using our rider training aids, reins, gloves, and other products.

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