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I was pleasantly surprised with these. Grippy, but not impossible to get on and off. True to size. Do they help my arthritic Trainer hands? I don’t know! Would I buy another pair for $50 (I had a Gift Certificate)??? Well, let’s see how long this pair lasts!

Amy Parker
Love the gloves

I absolutely love these gloves! They have great grip and are really durable. I have multiple pairs!

Christine Hansen
I can’t go back now

These gloves have changed my riding so much! I have very stretchy tendons in my hands, which means it takes a lot of effort and extra strength to do anything with my fingers from screwtops to holding reins.
These gloves are such a support!
It takes so much less effort and my hands feel so much better after my lessons.
They are solidly made and great quality and I truly treasure them.
Compared to more widely known quality gloves these are even better and hence the price is absolutely adequate.
The only difficulty I have is that I can’t use them with the 3 in 1 training breastplate toggles. That is then just a bit too much in my hands so when I use those I wear thinner and more flexible gloves.

Rachel Wiley
Extremely Impressed!

I purchased a pair of these gloves at DefenderLandRoverRolexKentucky3DE from the Correct Connect booth in 2023. I ride 5 days a week, and these gloves are still going strong just over a year later! They have held up better than any other pair of riding gloves that I have owned from well known "high end" brands. Reminds me of "back in the day" when things were created to last. They are snug, but not tight and have excellent contact with the reins. Highly recommend!

Best glove I’ve ever used

The fit is snug without being tight- I’m a medium frame woman and ordered size 8. Also the finger length is perfect. My hands are not huge and I hate flaps of finger length above my fingers.
The feel of the reins is amazing- and I can maintain contact with relaxed hands. These are the best gloves I’ve ever worn. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny.


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