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Oil-Tac Coppertech Leather Premium Riding Glove in Black

$95.15 $95.15

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Our premium glove for the hard-working rider uses Pittards Leather of the United Kingdom Oil-Tac™️ leather with Coppertech Fabric for the ultimate comfort and support. 

Pittards Oil Tac™️ technology incorporates polymers into the structure of the leather to promote strong contact adhesion and outstanding grip in all conditions. It combines with our WR100X process to deliver water and perspiration resistance that helps keep the leather supple and comfortable.

The stretchy compression in our Copper Tech™️  fabric increases blood flow and eases discomfort in the hands. The gloves create a custom-like fit by expanding and contracting to your hand for ultimate support for arthritic or sore hands! 

To Measure:

1) Use a soft fabric tape measure with inch increments.

2) Measure around the widest part of your hand, excluding your thumb. The tape measure should be snug and straight, but not tight. 

3) The number of inches around your hand represents your glove size. In the photo, the glove size is determined

7 inches (18cm). If the tape measure showed 6¾ (17.14cm) as the measurement, then the recommended glove size would be rounded up to 7 inches (18cm). 

They do run SMALL.  If you have large fingers and knuckles, order at least one size up or more. They are compression gloves so the fingers are snug. 

Care instructions:

Perspiration and dirt can make glove leather dry and brittle. To wash, put on your gloves and using mild leather detergent with cool water, wash the gloves as if you were washing your hands. Never brush or scrub.  With dark gloves, the dye may bleed slightly. This will not affect the overall color of the gloves. Rinse well, squeeze gently, and do not wring. Gently pull back into shape before hanging them to dry naturally. Do not let them dry in or near any direct heat source, sunlight or dryer. As soon as your gloves are almost dry, put them on and knead to restore softness and shape.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Heather Damotta
Nice Gloves!

They are comfortable and grippy without being too sticky. Works great with CorrectConnect reins!

Jade Gonzales
Love these gloves!

Great feel, very comfortable to wear!

Debbie Kynaston

Bought a pair of gloves and there wonderful.. will be buying again

Koby Robson
Best Gloves on the Market

These are wonderful gloves! Sticky, with good grip, yet also offering good feel. Reinforced in the important wear points. I ride 6-8 horses a day, many in a double bridle, and these are the only gloves that hold up to my abuse. Thank you Correct Connect!

Linnea Baver
leather tech gloves

great gloves, very helpful to hold onto reins. Recommend to all levels of riders

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