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Kimberly Krapinski
Love these grips

The best reins for people with hand weakness or those that try to over correct and fuss with rein length. I use for my adaptive riding participants in therapeutic riding.

Game changer!

The first time I rode with these reins I was amazed! The reins have very much helped me maintain a steady contact with my young TB. Previously, I was forever readjusting the reins as they slipped through my fingers (not nice and confusing for my young guy). I got the three grip reins but could probably gotten away with one grip. We mostly work at dressage and do not jump. These are very helpful for training my horse to understand contact without confusing and accidentally pulling, especially since I am not an expert! Eventually, I am going to order the Super Grip Rubber Reins, as they are legal for showing.

Charlotte Crowe

Aaron Vale Rein-3 Padded Hand Grips-Best Training Rein For Stable and Secure Connection

Exactly what I needed!

Even reins, steady hands and lighter touch!!! Since I don’t jump, 2 grips would have been all I needed.
Highly recommend. This is the second product from Connect Connect. Leather is great quality, designs are so well thought out.

Sharon Turner
Aaron Vale Rein-3 Padded Hand Grips

I absolutely love my new Aaron Vale Rein-3 training reins. I am a rider who has struggled to maintain rein length. For the first time - I can truly feel what maintaining a short light following rein is. My horse is so connected...Thank you for such a superior product. The workmanship is top-notch!!


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