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The Correct Connect™ Aaron Vale rein with 3 Padded Hand Grips

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This rein was created in collaboration with Aaron Vale, one of America's most successful and prolific Grand Prix Showjumping riders. 

Invented to offer more comfort and stability with unique padded hand stitched grips.  It offers incredible comfort for the rider's hands. The rein adjusts so the grips can be placed precisely where the horse and rider find their best connection.  It improves the straight line from the bit to the elbow and encourages more relaxed arms and softer hands.  

For dressage or jumping these reins provide riders of all skill levels a more comfortable and simpler way of keeping their rein length.  

This rein is a training tool to help riders and horses create muscle memory that can be recalled for competition.  Not legal for USDF/USEA and FEI dressage and Eventing Competition. 

Regular Reins adjusts from 52" to 58" in 2" increments.  Want to go shorter?  Plenty of room to customize!

Pony Size Reins adjust from 42" to 48" inches.  Great for our smaller 4 legged friends!  

Hand grips are 4 inches apart. 

Buckle ends 



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Theresa Reth
Fantastic reins

I love the Aaron Vale reins with three padded hand grips. I have bad hand arthritis and these reins permit me to maintain the same rein length. The contact and the connection with the horse is so much better!

Fern Aron
Great idea

Love them!! Prevents my hands from slipping and I no longer have to keep adjusting my reins!

Ashley Balazs
Skeptical at first but pleasantly surprised...

I struggle with the reins slipping through my hands, regardless of what rein I am using. I purchased the Aaron Veil padded reins to prevent this from happening. I have found my elbows are softer, I can feel more weight in the bridle and it is easier to get my horse through given this connection without having to worry about them gradually getting longer and then having to fiddle to get back the feel. While I don't use them every ride, they have helped me get a feel for correctness which has transferred to riding without them. It is not easy to shorten the rein with these, but for the most part, they are pretty simple to use and give good tactile feedback to your hand. I like that they are sturdy and not flimsy and bouncy. I wish they were more affordable so that the benefits could reach more riders but overall I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend them. This was a genius idea to invent!

Trish Politick
Game Changer

I got these reins on a whim to see if they would help with my hands not slipping on the reins. Can I just tell you that they are a GAME CHANGER! Absolutely easy to ride with and enables you to keep consistent contact with your horse! Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

Sally Batton
Great for old and young alike

As a riding instructor I love these reins both for my kids and my older clients! The younger riders have trouble keeping their reins at a consistent length and the Vale reins help. And my older riders love the padded grips for hand arthritis!

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