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Lorraine Swain
Can’t put on by self!

The Position Reminder is excellent quality and seems like it would work well. But no matter how much I tried I am unable to put it on myself. It’s useless unless I have someone to secure the straps around my arms. Am I doing something incorrectly? There are no instructions. I am not a horseback rider. I have severe scoliosis and kyphosis (hunchback). The PR would be very effective with pulling my shoulders back and assist with improved posture. I don’t want to return it. But I’m not wasting $45 for something I can’t use. PLEASE, someone, give me (and others) instructions on how to put it on!

Dear Lorraine,
There is an instructional video on the product page teaching you how to put it on as well as a QR code on the packing linking you to the video.
Here is the link for it.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Jamie Luzar
Position Reminder

It is working wonderfully. I developed some bad posture it’s and it has become a great help.

Jo Wright
Instructions would be helpful

I can't figure out how to put it on. Instructions would be very helpful. I hope there's a YouTuber or something that goes with it so that I can figure out how to put it on. I have a bad arm and that makes it harder, but I love, the reminder and can't wait to start wearing it

Sarah Dixon
Corrects well

Has definitely helped me keep my elbows tucked in! Good product although the only slight concern is if you fall off there doesn’t appear to be a safety release. I take the risk none the less as it does help my position overall!

Kim Thomas
Not just for riding!

Am currently in PT to get rid of anterior pelvic tilt because it!s wrecking my back. I discovered kind of accidentally that it’s difficult to be in that posture if your shoulders are in the right place, so I decided to try this for walking on the treadmill. Works!


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