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I love the reins!

I read about these Comfort Connect Reins on Facebook.... & thought... I have arthritic fingers & cannot close my fingers round the rein & they are constantly slipping through. I read the reviews & thought these may well be the answer. Believe me they are BRILLIANT!!! So pleased i tried them, they are so comfy to hold & the reins no longer slip out of my hands!!! I recommend them for anyone who has the same problem!

Agneta Falkengren

Fullfills the purpose

Valorie Ellis
Love These

I’ve been riding with better connection since using these padded reins. Also, experiencing less arthritis hand pain.


Loved this product

Emma Kane
Love these!

I purchased these reins as I have always had a hard time holding onto the reins. These have made a WORLD of difference in my ability to consistently hold the reins, which has had a big difference in my contact. I used these reins in a clinic with Lilo Fore, and she was so excited to learn these reins exist, and even had me send her the link! Could not be happier with them and purchased a second pair.


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