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3-in-1 Training Breastplate-The Best Training Aid to help with Balance and Connection


HUGE best-seller! Our 3-in-1 Training Breastplate has helped many riders worldwide of all levels and backgrounds. From learning to balance while posting the trot to helping riders establish a correct and direct connection to the horse's mouth.  This training aid helps riders and horses fix MANY issues with just one piece of equipment! 

The T-Grips attached to breastplate limit the amount the rider can pull back while connecting the hands in a straight line from the bit to the elbow.  This encourages a softer elbow and more relaxed connection. Horses tend to be more uphill in a more correct carriage when ridden in this aid. 

This product does not rely on leverage and is not a shortcut.  It does not force a horse's head into a locked position but instead helps the RIDER find the correct forward feeling of riding a horse into the contact.  

Helps fix common faults of:

-Widening and lowering the hands to pull the horses head down. 

-Hanging onto the horse's mouth for balance

-Catching the horse's mouth on the backside of a jump.  

-Pulling on the inside rein to turn. 

-Locked elbows

Correct Connect’s™ 3-in-1 breastplate combines stunning craftsmanship with the practical functionality of using it as a plain breastplate, with a neck strap, or with it's unique training attachment.  Adjustable leather and elastic breastplate attaches to the D rings for saddle stability allows for freedom of movement in the shoulder. 

 HOW TO MEASURE FOR YOUR BREASTPLATE:  Using a measuring tape, measure from D-Ring to D-Ring around the horses chest. Measurements can be a little loose as you do not want the breastplate too tight and the t-grips should not be too low.  

Pony: 40"-49" or 102cm-124.5cm

Horse 49"-62" or 102cm-158cm

OS- 58"-66"or 147cm-168cm

  • Rubber lined Leather Attachable neck strap to conform to FEI neck strap rule. 
  • Loop to attach standing or running martingale. 
  • Fully adjustable and detachable leather T grips to help riders learn hand position stability and understand the horses seeking reflex to ride forward to the bridle. Great for dressage and jumping!  
  • In black or brown
  • Consider warming your horse up before using the t-grips and make sure they are loose enough to keep from restricting your arms too much. 
  • We recommend using under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor for best results! 

Fitting Instructions:

1. Collar should fit softly around the base of the neck and attach to the D rings of the saddle 

2.  Toggles can attach to one of two rings on the collar based on horse size.  

3. To help the horse seek the contact, gently lift up against the horses neck.  

4. Most riders prefer to hold the toggle between the their middle and ring finger with their reins held normally between the ring and little finger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Subtle but fundamental changes

I have ridden with the Correct Connect 3-in-1 breastplate for about two weeks now and love it. It makes very subtle corrections to my riding (I really only notice it in warmup), but the changes it makes make a fundamental difference to my horse's way of going. He has added at least an inch or two of muscle to his neck since we have been working in it, and we are both more confident and consistent in our work. I use it in flat lessons and get great reviews.

I don't use the neck strap because I prefer my own, which is thinner and not lined in rubber, but the attachment for it is convenient. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the breastplate - it is noticeably well made, with beautiful quality leather. Contrary to most training aids, it feels like a very high end piece of tack.

Cheri Hodgdon
LOVE IT! It's a Game Changer!!!

LOVE IT! The 3-in-1 Training Breastplate is a game changer and worth every penny! I have been riding for over 40 years and used to be a very confident. For the past 6 years have been training my young mare for dressage and we have had a decent amount of success. We have also had major, and probably unnecessary setbacks. Over the past few years my confidence has suffered for various reasons, most of which has been more and more spooking. I have started to depend on a saddle strap for security and my has position suffered. I am not riding up and out, in fact, I have been holding back and looking down, resulting in more spooking. It has been a vicious circle that has created distrust from my already mouth sensitive mare. As we are progressing the training is getting harder and much more physically demanding requiring more refined and gentle touch that is unconducive to defensive riding. I finally decided to go for it and get the 3-in-1 Training Breastplate and It works great!!! There is plenty of give to allow freedom for proper hand placement and movement, yet enough tension with the breastplate for security and to keep my hands from moving too far back and sideways. We had a big spook the other day, but I did not yank her mouth and she only took 2 steps and stopped. The fact that I didn’t catch her mouth, things did not escalate. Magic!!! I am hopeful that this will build both of our confidence and we will be able to stop depending on it. Thank you Correct Connect!!!

Lori Ritter
Love the muscle memory this device creates

I have been using this device after being off from riding for 16 weeks following knee surgery. I wanted to start with some structure and this device has been perfect. It allows me to think about riding my horse rather than where my hands are. A+++++

Madison W.
Wonderful training aid!

I have been using my 3-in-1 breastplate for about three weeks and it has made such a big difference in my riding already. I had planned to only use it as a crutch for 30-60 days, but now I don’t want to get rid of it! Has improved my riding and stability and helped me developed my own balance independent of my horses mouth. Took a couple rides to get used to the feel of the grips but now they feel like I’ve always used them.

jean loew
Confidence boost

My student tends to put herself in the "backseat" whenever her confidence wanes. Although helpful for staying on when riding the rowdy, it's her go to when unsure of a distance or just questioning her decision. This training aid immediately corrected that. She seems to be learning to have more confidence in her riding and her horse.

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Correct Connect™ was started with the goal of helping riders improve their connection with their horses. Thousands of riders have seen improvements by using our rider training aids, reins, gloves, and other products.

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