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Mark Clague
Game changer

I bought the breastplate after many months of watching videos and advertisements for it. I waited and waited but should have bought it months before. I use it daily now it has been a game changer for me and my horse. I openly admit that I’m heavy in my hands and my horse leans and did before I got him, now with the help of the 3 in 1 breastplate we have become more together and are both still working hard but much much lighter, my instructor has even tried the breastplate on another client who is now going to purchase one.
Thanks for all the help and customer service

Erin Luck
Dressage rider

My new horse has big gaits. I don’t want to balance on his mouth, so thought I would try this. It’s working great and my horse is happy!

Christine Hansen
Trainer impressed and superbe service.

“Well they really do sell stuff that works. I am impressed.” My trainer has always had an open mind and both of us had seen the ad on social media so when I asked her what she thought she told me to go ahead and try it out.
But that it would make such a difference was I think a positive surprise.
I only started riding two and a half years ago when I was 38. So I tend to stay in my head a lot.
Using the breastplate today for the first time my trainer commented that not only were my hands in such a better position but my whole frame was more balanced.

As for me, it took a bit of getting used to (my right hand managed better than my left) but what I realized was how much I was relying on my reins versus this time, using the breastplate I only used my fingers and the rest was leg and body work, as it should be.
Another, psychological element was that I would give too much slack in the reins because I don’t want to hurt the horse’s mouth, which would ultimately lead to confusion.
So now I don’t have to worry about that and I cannot wait to continue my journey with them.

As for the service I can give 10 stars. I bought several items shortly one after another within a couple of hours and through email it was possible to still bundle everything together and save on postage.
I am a huge fan.
I still have the double neck strap to try and have a girth that was meant for a horse I ultimately didn’t decide to buy so I will most likely donate it to my stable for a school horse. They deserve the ultimate comfort in my opinion 🤗

Conclusion: great quality, it works and amazing service.
I will be back.

Great quality, helps keep my hands where they belong

I was really impressed with the quality of the breastplate, though it runs a little smaller than you'd expect (so measure!). My 15.2 QH is a little stockier but not a tank like some can be and we're on the largest hole of the breastplate, same for the neck strap. I probably should have measured and gotten the size up, but alas. It took some trial and error to figure out a good adjustment for the T grips, and a learning curve to find the most comfortable way to hold them. My hands are decent at a trot, but start having a mind of their own at the canter as I lose confidence. These are a great reminder to keep them in check and out of my horses mouth. I also find them great when working on lateral work and turning on the forehand as my horse gets frustrated when I start "talking" too much with my hands. I saw someone added snaps for the grips to easily take off and on, I will probably do the same so I don't have to remember what hole and make adjustments every time I forget.

Sabrina Mayzak
Excellent training aid

I bought this in hopes of helping my daughter transition her hands from western gaming to dressage. They helped within 1 lesson. I also used them to help keep my hands low and wide where my mare prefers and they definitely help! I'll continue to use this aid as I prepare for dressage tests after being a Western rider.


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