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GREAT quality and super supple!!!!
Helped my rider SO MUCH!!! Developing better hands already and her pony is so much happier!!!!
Highly recommend!!!!!!

Angela in Minnesota!

Aly Maxian
Excellent product, not perfect fit for me

Love the training breast plate, however, it doesn’t fit my horse very well… Too many parts to hold. Excellent product for someone who really needs that connection however, not working well for me…

Renee A
Runs small

It runs very small. Order a size up! I love the toggles for myself, but when having a beginner who was prone to getting frustrated and jerking the reins try to use them, they were too difficult for him to manage together with the reins. Unfortunately I had really hoped they would enable him to develop better-steady-confident connection, but being a beginner it was almost like giving him a second set of reins in terms of how competent he was to manage with the toggles.

Hi Renee, we would be interested to see how you have this fitted. This has fit horses from 14.0- 17 hands depending on their build and we would not recommend an extra full unless you have a very large horse. Please feel free to send us any pictures.
We also recommend lungeing beginner riders without reins to get the used to the feel. It's a great tool to help them get their balance without pulling on the horse. Keep an eye for for a slimmer t grip that we are designing as well. That may your beginner riders. Thank you!

Lisa Ullbors Ullbors
3 in 1 breastplate

I really like the 3 in 1 for ny young horse. I get stability in my hands with out pulling on the reins when she spooks.
I have added a delta between the handles which I missed so now it is fine

Brenda Maillard
Huge Difference

This has really helped my young daughter find the proper connection with the reins and to open & close her elbows instead of keeping them locked.


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