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Sally Batton Pommel Blocker


Sally Batton, a collegiate coach for over 35 years, developed the Pommel Blocker in response to her riders repeatedly standing in their stirrups over fences and posting too high on the flat. The Pommel Blocker is a “block” that attaches with D-ring straps and an overgirth that prevents the rider from jumping up the pommel over fences or posting too high on the flat.  In addition, the Pommel Blocker can help lower level riders keep their hands from falling onto the horse’s neck and can help the advanced riders keep their hips open and prevent them from pinching at the thigh.

Correct Connect, the industry leader in rider training aids and Athletic Equestrian, the organization that includes Sally Batton Equestrian Clinics, the Athletic Equestrian League and The Athletic Equestrian book, have partnered to produce this one-of-a-kind training aid that will benefit riders both on the flat and over fences.

Customer Reviews

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Like it so far, haven't ridden much because of weather but I can tell it will work perfectly for me, I did have to customize it as regirthing wasn't an option once it was on so had to get creative


Well made and wonderful tool

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