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Wendy G.
Comfortable fit

Love the breeches! Very cool for the summer. I do like a wider more substantial waistband but like the stretch and give in these breeches too - if there could be a combo with both in a future model even better!

Elizabeth Lake
Fit great

The fit is great. Wash up nice. The side pockets are a secure place for a phone.

Judith Z.
Love Correct Connect breeches - one small issue.

Fit well, good grip. Also appreciate the side phone pockets. I do agree with other reviewer that clasps for some reason pinch, but if I wear a cami or shirt tucked in it is okay.

Lori Carr
Almost love it

Lots of things to love about these breeches, the fabric feels nice, sheds dirt and hair, and they fit true to size. There is one thing I really don't like and it's important because it's a bit painful. The two clasp closure has metal pieces with soft flexible fabric in-between. It is the perfect distance to catch and pinch my skin any time I bend at the waist, which is a lot. Having my shirt tucked in helped but not enough, I plan to stitch something stuff in-between the clasps to stop them from bending.

Lynda Weese Fry
nice breeches

Run small in the waist, need to be very thin to be comforteable in small.


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