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Double Neck Strap


The neck strap reinvented with an extra rolled leather sitting above the neck strap for an easy hold that extends up 16". Fully adjustable.  Comes with 2 straps to for easy attachment to the saddle D Rings to conform to FEI rules.  

At its smallest it is 40" in diameter and 54" at its largest.  Fits most horses and cobs.  

Pony size measures 31" at smallest 45" at its largest. Fits most large to very small ponies. 

Want a longer grab strap? Check out our add on to our double neck strap here.  

Double Neck Strap Extra Long Add-On strap – CorrectConnect (


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Love, love, love this double neck strap!

I am now the fourth person in our barn to buy this and everyone loves it. I especially am grateful bc I broke my leg last year and feel a whole lot more secure with it in reach as I’m getting my strength and balance back. Excellent product.

Kathy Wismer

Double Neck Strap

Kim Longo
double neck strap

every rider has received a huge benefit from the horses mouth and horses are so happy.... best investment to help riders, including myself!

Sara Harris
Great Quality

I use my neck strap out hunting in the UK and get lots of comments from other people. Used it at the opening season meet and jumped my 6year old for the first time over 8 great jumps. It made my season. Great quality and design. You need to get more coverage in the UK, people love it here xx

Beautiful leather

I like this product and am actually working with it when I am with my trainer. There is a learning curve for me with arthritis in my hands on how to hold the strap with my reins. Also being able to co-ordinate with the movement of the horse plus steering etc. My mare is a big girl and I actually have it on the last holes possible to fit her. I would have liked a bit more in the neck strap for this reason. The grab strap will help in situations where my mare spooks goes sideways or gushes forward. I do have a buck strap on the saddle but in a situation where needed fast, I have never managed to grab it. Hands go for the mane to stay on.

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